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‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations’ Wells

The man who developed the use of cardboard and paper to make beautiful and often functional creations once said it was ‘Art that costs nothing’. This too could be said of the other side of our craft, which is our hand made papermaking.


At the Sanctuary we have developed the process of creating paper and paper crafts out of waste products. We use local waste vegetation such as banana tree bark skins, sugar cane, shed eucplyptus bark, nettles, pumpkin leaves, among many others. These get beaten along with old used cotton rags into pulp which is pulled into sheets to form paper.


Creating conscience, creating change 

The paper making process can be used to create an endless variety of paper and art. Of course part of our purpose is to produce paper which is retailed in Kenya, UK and USA, to generate income for sustainability purposes for the equipment production.


However the art of papermaking is also significant in the creation of unique expressions, artforms that articulate for others that are powerless to speak for themselves. Our on site workshop uses readily available materials on site to generate a creative environment and to further the work of the Sanctuary.


Having hosted a sucessful two week residency of 6 international artists in 2011, we continue to offer residencies to local and  interantional artists.


During this prioneering project, curated by Annabelle Hulbert-Murray, the artists worked on the theme of Sanctuary: Home, Away, The Common Ground. Local Sanctuary artists also joined with the international artists to construct collaborative art work which was shown, along with the artists own installations, in an exhibition at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi in August – September 2011. The work was then exhibited at the Brunei Gallery SOAS London from the 11th July - 23rd September 2013.


The workshop has a Hollander Beater pulping machine and all necessary tools for natural hand made paper making.

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