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By joleneallen7, Aug 29 2017 12:00AM

We had a great week with Northern Irish volunteers Kerry and Denise. They have become regulars with us here and are always a blessing to both the Sanctuary and church here.

Here they are on home visits in gorgeous Kenya #teaFields #SpecialDelivery #CardboardChairs

By joleneallen7, Aug 17 2017 12:00AM

It's been great having Dayna, Kayla, Hazel and Grace with us volunteering and generally being a help everywhere they go! It's been a precious time of fellowship and we have been encouraged and blessed by their coming. Thank you Deborah Rankin for organising that her mission team spend time with us too! May the Lord bless each of you as you travel today.

By joleneallen7, Aug 15 2017 12:00AM

Our ladies working hard preparing this years Christmas range! Don't forget to buy our lovely paper crafts this Christmas to help fund the making of our cardboard equiment.

By joleneallen7, Aug 2 2017 12:00AM

At the workshop we are alwasy progressing on new ideas and designs for our disability equipment. Here are some of our recent new designs:

Meet our space saving standing frame and chair in one. Still in trial (and error !) stages.. It's ideal for our clients who live in small homes. It has a removable footplate and ramped seat and lateral supports.

We have a new floor sitter which facilitates sitting with minimal support in the floor, with knees in extension. Also new tray for wheelchairs, as developed by a recent volunteer, Michael. A wobbling/ rocker floor sitter is underway for children with autism and attention defecit disorders. Few more to come, watch this space!

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