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'Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded'

Through the use of waste cardboards, wheat flour  paste and newspaper, we have developed an ever-growing range of assistive equipment to facitiate positioning and comfort to enable function and independence for persons with disability. In developing countries and among other underprivileged communities world-wide, this an effecetive, low cost and comfortable solution to meet the postural, positioning and rehabilitation needs of those who need it.


Our current range includes chairs with multi and fixed reclines, tilt in space, custom head rests, abductor pomels, trunk and lateral supports, ramped seats, and a range of strapping and support options. More recently, we are developing the use of casting methods to create low cost cushions for persons with complex positioning needs.


All are custom designed by our team of Occupational Therapists and fabricated by the Sanctuary Artists.

Who knew?

The process we use in fabrictaing the products were originally developed in Zimbabwe by Bevill Packer, who made furniture, toys and household items out of readily available paper materials. Known as APT apprioriate paper technology, it is a technique that involves taking simple everyday materials such as newspaper and cardboard and making them strong through simple engineering princiles.


Our team of Sanctuary Artists have been trained in the techniques and are skilled in both APT and paper and craft making.


If you are interested in learning this technique we are keen on sharing the skills when to bring benefit to other communities. Do get in touch!

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